The dummy observer provides a class compatible with the API of the Observer class without actually performing any operations. This is primarily used for PATHspider’s test suite.

run_flow_enqueuer(flowqueue, irqueue=None)[source]

When running the flow enqueuer, no network operation is performed and the thread will block until given a shutdown signal. When the shutdown signal is received it will cascade the signal onto the flowqueue in the same way that a real Observer instance would.

class, chains=None, idle_timeout=30, expiry_timeout=5)[source]

Wraps a packet source identified by a libtrace URI, parses packets to divide them into flows, passing these packets and flows onto a function chain to allow data to be associated with each flow.

__init__(lturi, chains=None, idle_timeout=30, expiry_timeout=5)[source]

Create an Observer.

Parameters:chains – Array of Observer chain classes
See also:Observer Documentation
run_flow_enqueuer(flowqueue, irqueue=None)[source]
class, fn)

Alias for field number 1


Alias for field number 0