Advanced Topics

PATHspider Internals

To learn more about the internals of PATHspider, you can read the following pages describing the operation of individual parts of the architecture:

PATHspider on Vagrant

On systems other than Linux systems, you may use Vagrant to run PATHspider. This may also be useful during development. A Vagrantfile is provided that will create a Debian-based virtual machine with all the PATHspider dependencies installed.

In the virtual machine, the PATHspider code will be mounted at /home/vagrant/pathspider and changes made inside or outside the VM will appear in both places. PATHspider is installed in development mode, meaning that this is also the location of the PATHspider code that will be run when running the /usr/bin/pathspider binary inside the virtual machine.

PATHspider on MONROE

PATHspider provides a Docker container that may be extended by experimenters using the MONROE testbed. You can read more about how to use PATHspider on MONROE in the project’s README.